3112279466 or 3125303097
Calle 86A 14-45
Bogota, Colombia

3112279466 or 3125303097
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  • Casanova

    3112279466 or 3125303097
    Calle 86A 14-45
    Bogota, Colombia
    Sex, extras, and anything you want with prices ranging from $150 to $500
    The girls in here are extremely hot. You will find some of the best looking girls from Colombia in here. Prices are also high and different with each girl. The bar fine is about $65, and then girls will normally ask for $100 to $300 on top of that. So it is safe to say the prices range from $150 to $400 depending on the girl and the night. You can have sex on location in one of their very nice private rooms, or you can take her to your hotel. All night service is available with many dancers, you just need to negotiate with the girls.
    $ 200.00

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    This is likely the nicest club in Bogota. It is a 5 star place with 5 star prices. Beers in here cost $19, and drinks for the girls cost $19 as well. The furnishings and the rooms are great. Worth checking out if you do not mind spending the money.
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