Bar La Isla
034 239 0769
Las Palmas Medellin
Medellin, Colombia

034 239 0769
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  • Bar La Isla

    034 239 0769
    Las Palmas Medellin
    Medellin, Colombia
    Ladies drinks, private dances, and sex in the VIP
    The dancers are attractive in this place. Most are a 7 to 8 or above. Full nude dancing on stage, and the girls walk around topless to collect their tips.
    $ 100.00

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    This is a higher end strip club in Medellin. The place is nice inside, but very expensive for the area. There is a $6 cover charge, beers $9 and ladies drinks are $12. A private dance is $65 and sex in the VIP is $100 for 45 minutes
    1 AdultSearch User Review
    Reviewed 06-12-2014
    The girls are hot here BUT they attitudes and prices are just stupid. The girls negotiate their own prices now, and that can range from 200k-500k, which I did not do. 80% of the girls are playing with their phones, maybe one or two will walk by and greet you. If seems like all of the girls that I did talk to wanted to be taken for the night. THEY wanted to hit a home run, and I just wanted to hit and run to the next one.

    GAME PLAN: Go to this place and collect phone numbers to arrange other plans and cheaper rates. I believe this is a sound strategy for the expensive strip clubs.
    10k cover, 25k rum & coke

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