Star Club
Cra 13 # 1948
Pereira, Colombia
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  • Star Club

    Cra 13 # 1948
    Pereira, Colombia
    Drinks, private dances, and sex. A private dance will cost about $25 and touching is allowed. Although it is called a private dance, it is not so private as you are upstairs in the VIP area in full view. You can have sex with girl in a private room for $
    The girls are nice in here, but do not expect to see any Colombian stunners. Most, if not all of the girls will not speak any English.
    $ 40.00

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    Unlike the other places in Pereira, this is the only traditional style strip club in town where they have a large stage in the center of the club where the girls will do their strip tease. It is a nice place inside and worth checking out if you want to s
    1 AdultSearch User Review
    Reviewed 07-03-2017
    It's a scam. They tell you it's 100,000 pesos for an hour, then they tell you your time is up after 15 minutes. I guess they either assume you wont check your watch, or they simply don't care. I'm guessing the later. Try Mansion de David, you'll actually get what you pay for.

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